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Reading in Year 6

Our brand new reading corners!

We started our reading journey at the start of September by designing and creating our new reading corners. 6H created a cosy air raid shelter to spend their reading time in and 6W created their very own ‘Star books’ café!

Letters from the Lighthouse

As part of our ‘Keep Calm and Carry On topic’, we have started reading ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll. It is set in World War II, February 1941. After months of bombing raids in London, twelve-year-old Olive Bradshaw and her little brother Cliff are evacuated to the Devon coast. But Olive leaves for Devon with a secret. Her older sister, Sukie, went missing in an air raid, and Olive is desperate to discover what happened to her, especially after she finds a strange coded note which seems to link Sukie to Devon, and to something dark and impossibly dangerous…

Thank you to all of the parents, carers and grandparents that came to join in with our reading workshop and got to hear a small snippet of the story! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! The children have enjoyed reading the story so far and we can’t wait to find out what happens next! Here are some of our thoughts and opinions…

Children’s Reading Comments:

“I like the detail of the story, which makes you want to read more. I also like that it is casual and believable.”


“I really like reading Letters from the Lighthouse because so far it is building up lots of tension and I love books like that. I can’t wait to carry on reading it!”


“I think that Letters from the Lighthouse is an amazing book because it is interesting and is almost like you can picture what it was like during World War II in your head!”


“I grew more and more curious and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This was very intriguing and fun to read!”


“I think it’s a book that more people should read if you’re looking for adventures and twists.”

Ethan D

Meet the Author

We have been really fortunate this term to meet the author, Tola Okogwu. We had the opportunity to listen to her reading the first chapters of her new book and also to ask her questions.

Her new book is called ‘Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun’. It is about Onyeka, a girl who discovers that she has super powers and has amazing, magical hair that she can control with her mind!

Jaxson asked if she came up with all the ideas for her stories by herself or was she inspired by other authors? She thought it was a brilliant question!


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