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Oak Meadow Primary School’s ‘This is Me’ IMPACT and Enrichment Week

This year’s culture and enrichment week focused on enabling children to reach their full potential using the stimulus ‘This is Me’. Throughout this exciting week, children had the opportunity to work within their year groups to explore how using and applying their own resilience can help them to succeed and achieve their own aspirations. With a week filled with stimulating learning opportunities that were created by our: Creative and Culture, STEM, Mental Health and wellbeing and Sports team, children immersed themselves by applying their knowledge and skills to share their understanding.

The Creative and Culture team designed their day to teach children about Kintsugi art, which is a centuries-old Japanese repair technique which uses Japanese lacquer dusted with powdered gold to restore broken ceramic and porcelain vessels to represent the importance of resilience. Children were inspired to create their own Kintsugi art piece that represented their own unique personality, using a technique of their choice.


During our STEM Day, children learnt about the function of their own brain and how different sides of the brain control creativity, personality and logical thinking. Children then used this knowledge to design their own interpretation of their brain to express their own unique individuality. 


As part of the Mental health and wellbeing day, children learnt about how their brain controls emotions and how using a range of strategies can support how we express ourselves. Children had the opportunity to express ‘what makes them unique’ by sharing traits of their own personality, hobbies and their aspirations for the future.  


The sports team created and delivered an exciting day, welcoming a beatboxer and street dancer who delivered sessions throughout the day, which taught children these impressive skills and gave them the opportunity to express themselves creatively. 


Our week ended with a visit from a former Team GB gymnast and Olympic Medal winner Kristin Thomas, who led an assembly which included him talking about his Olympic experiences, his new role working with the Premier League and even a chance for the children to see his Olympic bronze medal.


We hope this memorable week will inspire children for the future and support their continued learning journey enabling them to reach their full potential!  

This Is Me
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