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Holiday Leave of Absence In Term Time

Leave of absence in term time is discouraged by the government and indeed, by our governing body here in school.

All leave is now unauthorised and fines of £60 per parent, per pupil, will be imposed unless there are mitigating circumstances, when leave of more than 4 days is taken.  As Headteacher, I am allowed to judge whether the leave is a necessity and so can be deemed an “exceptional circumstance”. 
I may also determine the number of days a child can be away if this leave is granted.  If you do plan holidays during term time, please be aware that each child will be subject to fines explained above.  We also have the authority to fine if we feel we have been given false information about an absence.  For example, if parents explain a child’s absence is through illness, but we find out the real reason is that a holiday was taken, fines may be imposed. 

Although I sympathise with families who wish to avoid the heavy costs associated with taking holidays outside of term time, I have to uphold the fact that term times are for education and this is as priority, so the default school policy is that  absence will not be granted during term time and will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

General Leave

If your child is absent due to illness, we ask you to call school on the first day of absence before 9:30am to explain why your child cannot attend.  There may be occasions where absence persists and we ask to see proof of medical appointments etc.

When a child’s attendance drops below 96%, we will investigate the cause and our Home School Liaison officer – Mrs Thorton – may visit you at home to discuss the absence.

Where attendance drops to 95%, we are beholden to involve the school’s Education Welfare Officer, who will call a meeting with parents to discuss absenteeism.  The situation may result in legal action if no improvement in attendance follows.

If you wish to discuss these matters further, please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office.  Thank you for your support and cooperation in all of the above.


Yours sincerely,


Mr S Arnold

Holidays During Term Time
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