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 Into The Unknown - IMPACT and Enrichment Week (July 2022)
‘Children are not the people of tomorrow, but are people of today. They have a right to be taken seriously, and to be treated with tenderness and respect. They should be allowed to grow into whoever they were meant to be.

'The unknown person' inside of them is our hope for the future.’

Dr. Janusz Korczak (1872 - 1942)

Oak Meadow Primary School has yet again surpassed expectations in the outstanding implementation of this year’s IMPACT and Enrichment week, ‘Into The Unknown’.

A huge thank you goes out to our fabulous staff, parents, carers, families and community partners who had carefully planned the weeklong event from the start of the school year. The intent was realised to give our wonderful children knowledge rich experiences that focused upon the positive changes that are influencing the world around us and cultivate ambitions and aspirations for the future.

Each ‘Into The Unknown’ day challenged children in new, stimulating and innovative ways. The anticipation and excitement from the whole school community was palpable in the build-up as whole school displays teased in readiness for the extraordinary and diverse learning opportunities arranged for all of us to enjoy.

The week began with a STEM focus as the whole school became akin to an International Space Station with a plethora of activities taking place. Across the school, children were given the chance to ‘blast off’ by researching our solar system, with missions to the Moon and Mars using their Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills to build (and launch) rockets and programme robotics using cutting-edge technology. 

The following day, children were given cultural and creative experiences that concentrated upon the changing world that we live in. The children relished the chance to express themselves as they sang, danced, acted and produced artwork that will become central to a new whole school display to celebrate the week and remind us of the difference we can all make in helping to shape our world into a wonderful place.

Next, sports, physical health and fitness became the focus of pupils’ experiences as community partners helped to set up and deliver a carousel of various diverse activities. Children excelled as they experienced inclusive sports such as wheelchair basketball, team orienteering, forest school, food tasting and even learned the New Zealand Haka throughout the day before performing as a whole school at the end of the day!

Finally, to end the week, the importance of mental health and well-being was highlighted to all children as we took time to complete a menu of sessions to support a positive mindset. Children were given the opportunity to reflect upon well-being solutions for themselves trying everything from laughter therapy to well-being apps. Children were taught the importance of taking time to relax and how to offer support to others who may need it.

All stakeholders and our community have recognised the overwhelming success of the week as we strive to give innovative opportunities for all of our children’s personal development and holistic growth. Thank you to everyone who contributed towards a truly inspirational, exceptional week.

Please click the link below for the results of our pupil survey demonstrating the impact of the week:

Into the Unknown
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