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Oak Meadow Primary School Council
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Oak Meadow's School Council is a formal group of pupils who act as representatives of their peers in discussing school issues with the Headteacher and staff.  Children are elected by their class to represent the views of all pupils and also to help improve our school.

Our School Council members are reliable and proud of their school - they want it to be the best it can be. They listen carefully to the views of others and take their ideas on board. They also represent the majority view of their class, even if sometimes they don't agree!

This year, the School Council is made up of at least 2 pupils from Years 2-6 who meet on a regular basis. The Council shares ideas about how they can support the mental and physical wellbeing throughout the school day. We have already promoted the importance of Anti-Bullying Week and the charity Children in Need. We support our local community through the upcycling of Christmas decorations to sell at our Christmas Fair and the selling of 'pre-loved' clothes, toys and games.

The School Council are also planning to organise the weekly “Friday Mile” as well as leading a Health Awareness Day in the spring and summer Term. We are always looking to make more links within the community and have an unwavering desire to make a difference in all that we do.

School Council
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