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Oak Meadow would like to thank all of the children, parents and staff who helped to bring to life the ‘A Million Dreams…’ art and aspirations exhibition.  After a week of excitement, where creativity overflowed, the transformation of the school was completed.  

With it came the opportunity to present every child’s artistry, expertise and proficiency to parents and families, the local community and specially invited guests.


‘A Million Dreams…’ captured not only the title of our art gallery exhibition but a whole school focus for all pupils to have a dream for their future and to have aspirations to be the best that they can be whilst developing their resilience for encountering challenge. 


All children learned about a particular artist and their influence on learners today.  The styles and works of Picasso, Saurat, Gaudi, Giacometti, Goldsworthy, Williams and Sole were explored across the school and a variety of mediums were used.  Children reflected on their life-long ambitions and aspirations within their drawings, sculptures or paintings. 

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We hope that everyone who visited our ‘A Million Dreams…’ exhibition marvelled at our children’s outstanding skills and high aspirations.  Every child will receive their artwork as a gift from the school as a thank you for all of their effort and desire in bringing the gallery to life with one simple condition … they continue on their path as outstanding learners and make all of their dreams for the future come true!

Oak Meadow Primary School’s ‘A Million Dreams…’ Art and Aspirations Week
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