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Oak Meadow would like to thank all of the children, staff and the Friends of Oak Meadow for their outstanding contribution in transforming the school into a Winter Wonderland for our latest IMPACT and enrichment week. 


From the initial vision at the start of the school year - where the intent was shared with all stakeholders – children, staff and parents have worked tirelessly to plan, organise and implement an outstanding week.  A collaborative community effort was initiated to transform our school into an amazing environment that celebrated and shared the meaningful messages of hope, joy and the core values of family and belonging at this very special time of the year.


Over the week, the children were challenged to design and make products to sell at the Winter Wonderland experience.  Utilising taught skills from across the curriculum, the children demonstrated their learning progression from this term to produce high quality items that were sold and they also created fun games for visitors to participate in.  All funds raised will now go directly back to the school to enhance the provision of the physical and mental well-being of our children in the creation of a PEACE (Positive Environment Appreciating and Celebrating Everybody) garden in the coming months.


The impact of the week has been amazing yet again for our wonderful school.  Following on from our success in achieving a National Schools Award, we have again shown that with hard work, dedication, creativity and innovation anything can be achieved.  Our children see this in everything we do and embody the passion, commitment and challenge that has been created all around them. 


All of the children’s work received excellent feedback from the community and highlighted their outstanding personal development.  The whole event was a huge success and demonstrated the significant difference and outstanding impact that has been made yet again by the Oak Meadow family!

Oak Meadow’s Winter Wonderland
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