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The school has a thriving parents' group called "the Friends of Oak Meadow" who help to support a variety of community events. They meet on a regular basis with senior leaders to help organise these events and provide other support for the school.


In recent times the Friends have helped in our outstanding IMPACT and Enrichment events such as ‘A Million Dreams’, ‘More Heroes Needed’, ‘Oak Meadow’s Winter Wonderland’ and ‘Fun on the Field’.  The Friends have helped to organise discos and other community events.  They have donated a wide variety of gifts and prizes to generate additional revenue for the school.


The funds raised through the Friends of Oak Meadow’s generosity are all given back to the children of our school to support their learning and well-being.  This has been through the purchase of new resources and materials through to additional equipment to enhance every child’s learning experience at Oak Meadow.

Friends of Oak Meadow
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