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Maths in Year 1 - Autumn Term

This term in Maths Year 1 have been securing their knowledge of place value to 20, addition and subtraction within 20 and shape.

We looked at the properties of 2d and 3d shapes as well as how we could sort them and where they were within the environment. One of our activities was to make models using 3D shapes - did you know that a sphere is hard to balance and keep still because it has curved sides?

We discussed the 2D shapes that can be found as the faces of the 3D shapes and learnt new language including the word ‘vertices’. Can you find any 3D shapes in your house and describe them?

To secure our place value knowledge to 20, we completed such activities as matching the numeral to the amount using a variety of resource, this helped to learn that a number can look different but still hold the worth.

We’ve looked at part, whole models - 2 numbers that we add together to make the whole number.

To deepen our understanding of numbers to 20 we looked at how many tens and ones are in numbers up to 20. To support this learning we used the dienes equipment.

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