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Maths at Oak Meadow

Over the last few months, our Year 4 pupils have been increasing their familiarity with numbers, working across a range of skills as they tackle the mathematical curriculum. Each academic year always begins with a focus on place value, underlining the importance of fundamental arithmetic skills, including rounding, assessing the representation of four-digit numbers and even delving into the historic Latin number system of Roman Numerals. Children work on a fluency grounding to secure the skill prior to applying their knowledge into reasoning or multi-step problem solving.

Pupils then embarked on their journey through addition and subtraction, showing great proficiency in working through formal written methods such as column addition and subtraction, before latterly moving onto multiplication and division – a key focus for Year 4 pupils, who will be participating in the Government’s Multiplication Tables Check this coming June. Pupils have been using a range of resources to sharpen their times-table recall, both interactive and analogue, with preparations for the MTC well underway. Times Table Rock Stars is an incredible tool for building pupil confidence in this area and many students are reaping the benefits of their additional efforts back home.


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