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Click on the links below to view our school policies. If you need any further information please contact the school.

Our accessibility plan policy.

The admissions policy of the local authority.

Our policy on children's attendance at school.

Our policy on children's attendance at school.

How we assess our children's learning.

What we charge for in school.

Our behaviour management policy.

How we assess, record and report our children's learning.

How we promote British values in school.

What we do to keep children safe on the Internet.

Public Sector Equality Duty

What we ask the children to do for homework.

Our charging and remissions policy

Our complaints procedure.

How we aim to treat all our children.

How we meet corporate health and safety requirements.

Promoting positive mental health and emotional development

Our uniform for boys and girls and our PE kit.

Our snow or bad weather policy.

Guidance for staff, parents and carers during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If parents/carers require paper copies of any documents on the website please contact the school office.

It is the responsibility of the Phase Leaders to coordinate and monitor the implementation of these policies.  Governors on the Curriculum Committee will also monitor the policies and deal with information or issues arising from Phase Leader monitoring. 

These policies will be reviewed every three years, or earlier if necessary.

School Policies
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